Microsoft sub GitHub cites US sanctions as it pulls repo access for…Microsoft US employee’s JavaScript project

GitHub was forced into a brisk about face yesterday, after pulling access to the repos of JavaScript framework […]

Whoah Oh, woh, woh woh, Woah Oh…Facebook sets you right on time… 

Facebook has launched its own time keeping service to help keep devices in sync over the internet – […]

Java 14 is out – not declaring war on boilerplate or anything

Oracle has pronounced Java 14 to be generally available, pushing JDK 14 into the open with new features […]

Microsoft offers .NET 5 taster

Microsoft’s .NET team has pushed out previews for .NET 5 and Entity Framework Core 5.0, looking for feedback […]

Rust team polishes matches! and subslice patterns in 1.42 release

The team behind programming language Rust has prepped version 1.42 for download, providing devs with expanded support for […]

Microsoft Teams has a wobble, makes working even more remote for Europe

The biggest experiment in remote working to date got underway today, and Microsoft Teams appears to have been […]

Slimmed down Docker picks itself up, goes to work on tricky ‘middle section’ plan

Docker has laid out a future roadmap which it hopes will see it parking in the space between […]

Like containers? Now you can have them the HP way…

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has hit the green button on the HPE Container Platform it trailed a mere four […]

Qt packs Creator 4.12 beta brimful with project options

With Qt 5.15 well on its way, the Qt Company recently went on to push its cross-platform IDE […]

Apache NetBeans turns 11.3

Java IDE Apache NetBeans is now available in version 11.3, which provides more support for users of JDK […]