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Kubernetes 1.22 sheds beta ballast, takes steps towards rootless control plane

The team behind container orchestrator Kubernetes has finished version 1.22 of the CNCF flagship project. Highlights of the […]

Kong Mesh 1.2 embeds OPA support, merges Insomnia products into one

Service mesh Kong Mesh 1.2 is now available, putting a strong focus on security through the integration of […]

Vault for secret keeping? CNCF End User Technology Radar spots surprising interest

The CNCF End User Community has released its fourth technology radar, this time scanning the tools and approaches […]

What’s that coming over the hill? 2020’s last Kubernetes release

The Kubernetes release cycle is back to its usual self, bringing version 1.20 to K8s aficionados young and […]

CNCF relaxes Sandbox process, welcomes new Incubating project

With the CNCF becoming the home of more and more cloud-native projects, the foundation has come up with […]

Monitoring system Prometheus 2.19 gives storage layer a polish

Prometheus 2.19 is good to go. The new version picks up where it left off, further improving the […]

Prometheus 2.18 dabbles with Jaeger while waiting for OpenTelemetry dust to settle

Prometheus – the cloud native ecosystem’s monitoring and alerting system of choice – is now available in version […]

Big in… Poland? New report sees Eastern Europe amongst top container adopters

In tune with the spreading spirit of introspection during lockdown, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation has pushed out […]

And Helm makes 10: Package manager graduates Cloud Native Computing Foundation

Helm, a package manager for the Kubernetes ecosystem, has flown its nest in the Linux Foundation’s cloud native […]

Cluster bombs away: Vitess 6 is here – let the upgrading begin (warning: may take a while)

Version 6 of database clustering system Vitess is out, providing users of the CNCF graduated project with improved […]