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Kubernetes 1.22 sheds beta ballast, takes steps towards rootless control plane

The team behind container orchestrator Kubernetes has finished version 1.22 of the CNCF flagship project. Highlights of the […]

Break point: Cycloid, Istio, Sumo Logic, FastAI.jl, O3DE, PyTorch Lightning, and Linkerd

DevOps tooling company Cycloid launched infrastructure-as-code product Infra Import into beta this week. The tool is based on […]

Break point: Seldon Core, Artifact Hub, CloudFormation, Kats, PagerDuty, Ambassador DCP, and Hasura

MLOps framework Seldon Core has made the jump to version 1.9 and now offers users integration into IBM’s […]

Prometheus 2.28 debuts, with experimental PromQL editor as default

The team behind monitoring system and time series database Prometheus has pushed version 2.28 of its project out […]

That dark theme is fire: Prometheus unveils dark mode for the photophobic

Open source monitoring system Prometheus has hit version 2.27, with the new release providing service discovery and security […]

Grand Vitess: release 10 improves performance and compatibility

Vitess 10 is being rolled out by the Vitess project team, with compatibility being the major focus. However, […]

Airship 2.0 floats in with improved Kubernetes support

The Airship project team has released Airship 2.0, an updated version of the cloud lifecycle management system that […]

Linkerd 2.10 sheds MBs, introduces extensions and opaque ports

Security-focused service mesh Linkerd 2.10 is now available with the promise of bringing the default control plane down […]

Kong Mesh 1.2 embeds OPA support, merges Insomnia products into one

Service mesh Kong Mesh 1.2 is now available, putting a strong focus on security through the integration of […]

Vault for secret keeping? CNCF End User Technology Radar spots surprising interest

The CNCF End User Community has released its fourth technology radar, this time scanning the tools and approaches […]