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Interview: Intel beats the drum for oneAPI and SYCL in place of Nvidia’s CUDA

Intel is transitioning its developer tools to LLVM for cross-architecture support and to a specification called oneAPI for […]

Better, faster, stronger: CUDA 11.6 puts finishing touches to 128-bit int support

The toolkit for Nvidia’s parallel computing platform CUDA recently got updated and is now on version 11.6. With […]

CUDA Python, here we come: Nvidia offers Python devs the gift of GPU acceleration

Nvidia’s CUDA team has released version 11.5 of its parallel computing platform and pushed a Python-flavoured subproject forward […]

Break point: Triton, Kong, glibc, Calico, HCP Consul, and Icinga

OpenAI recently launched version 1.0 of CUDA challenger Triton into the open source space, in a bid to […]

Engage! LLVM 12 gets ready for next-gen processors

Compiler infrastructure project LLVM 12 is now available for downloading. The release comes more than a month later […]

CUDA be a contender: Release 11.3 of Nvidia’s GPU developer toolkit is out

Nivida has released CUDA 11.3, the latest release of its developer toolkit for building applications using its GPUs, […]

ONNX runtime sneaks into the auditory realm, gets more mobile friendly

Microsoft’s inference and machine learning accelerator ONNX runtime is now available in version 1.7 and promises reduced binary […]

What’s the point: GTK, CUDA, PoCL, Eclipse, Spring Tools, and C++

After four years of work, the team behind the free and open source cross-platform widget toolkit GTK has […]

What’s the point: CUDA, PyCharm, CLion, IoTDB, Instana, Spring Tools, and OpenShift

Version 11.1 of Nvidia’s parallel computing platform and GPU programming model CUDA is now available, fitting the project […]

CUDA, woulda … did: Nvidia makes CUDA 11 generally available, mostly pushing its next-gen architecture

Developers who were excited by Nvidia’s May announcement of an upcoming CUDA release can finally hop over to […]