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Itching to hurl cash at machine learning? Google unveils TensorFlow Enterprise

Google has introduced TensorFlow Enterprise to the machine learning community, offering support, better performance, and managed services to […]

DC/OS 2.0 plays to the enterprise with improved security, and Windows support

D2iQ, the company formerly known as Mesosphere, has released DC/OS 2.0 into the wild, promising improvements in enterprise […]

GitLab wants 1,000 Meltano users by Christmas, targets version control, collaboration

GitLab is banking on attracting 1,000 users per month for its Meltano platform by the end of this […]

TensorFlow ends 1.x series with default GPU support and compatibility helpers

Machine learning framework TensorFlow 1.15 is now available to download, offering those too shy to make the switch […]

Apache Arrow offers Flight to counteract data access headaches

The team behind in-memory data development platform Apache Arrow has introduced its new fast data transport framework Flight […]

PyTorch tries keeping up with research interest in 1.3 release

PyTorch has debuted a slew of experimental features in its just-released version 1.3 as support for the TensorFlow […]

Julia 1.2 gets star for special interest computations

The Julia developers have released version 1.2 of their technical computing language that largely contains standard library changes […]

AWS bumps Lake Formation to GA, previews new PowerShell tools

AWS Lake Formation, a service to build, secure, and manage data lakes on AWS, is now generally available […]

Databricks starts adding delete, update, merge capabilities to Delta Lake

Version 0.3 of Databricks’ open source project Delta Lake is now available to download, adding some APIs to […]

Cloudera lets data science teams BYoIDEs and ups security in workbench update

Collaborative data science platform Cloudera Data Science Workbench is offering users ways of integrating their editor of choice […]