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Distributed Machine Learning? Ask TonY!

Thanks to LinkedIn and its newly open sourced TonY, Machine learning afficionados now have another way to run […]

Searching for data sets? Right this way says Google

Google has launched Dataset Search to give data scientists a hand at discovering data sets – wherever they […]

data Artisans’ Streaming Ledger sprinkles ACID on Machine Learning

Apache Flink instigator data Artisans has introduced the Streaming Ledger library to process event streams across multiple shared […]

Gasp! Salesforce project transmogrifAIs data into predictions

Cloudy CRM outfit Salesforce has open-sourced its automated machine learning library, TransmogrifAI, to assist others in building customer-specific […]

Machine learning methodology? One third of orgs don’t see the need…

Enterprises are happily launching themselves into the wonderful world of machine learning, without thinking about any particular methodology […]

Hot and bothered over data? GitLab kicks off Meltano project

GitLab has put data in its sights, launching a project to create a single platform to support the […]