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Fuzz without fuss? Code Intelligence introduces AI tool to write test code

Code Intelligence (CI) has introduced CI Spark, an LLM (Large Language Model) AI assistant for creating tests, with […]

Google expands security portfolio with risk and compliance as code and extra fuzzing

Google seems to have noted a growing willingness to think about security early on in the software development […]

Snakes in a box: Google open-sources Atheris Python Fuzzer

As interest in fuzzing as a software testing approach increases, Google decided to ride that wave and has […]

GitLab gets fuzzy about security, acquires Peach Tech and Fuzzit

GitLab, the company behind the DevOps platform of the same name, has announced the acquisition of testing companies […]

Google opens up FuzzBench so fuzz fans can compare and contrast their techniques

Google has made another step forward in its effort to open up the joy of fuzzing to all, […]

Continuous Fuzzing for all? Google open sources ClusterFuzz bug hunter

Google has open sourced ClusterFuzz, a scalable fuzzing infrastructure project that has already helped to get rid of […]