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Perfect (web)storm: JetBrains adds Tailwind CSS and Git staging to web dev IDE

JetBrains is in major update mood, flinging out version 2020.3 of its JavaScript development IDE WebStorm. Just last […]

Presto, crypto, change-o: Git 2.29 goes into final leg of project’s SHA-256 transition

Version control system Git 2.29 is now available, fitting the Torvalds-spawn project with experimental SHA-256 support and negative […]

Slowly, we’ll Git rid of it: 2.28 to help ‘wean’ project off master term

The team behind version control system Git has pushed out version 2.28 of its project, adding the promised […]

What’s old is new: Git 2.27 steps back from recently promoted transport protocol

Git 2.27 has arrived with added bug reporting and command enhancements, but also sees the team behind the […]

Welcome to the dark side: GitLab 13 ships with easy ECS deploys, infra as code help, and more

This year’s major GitLab release has been pushed out, fitting the DevOps platform with what every user of […]

What’s the point: More Git security patches, Aqua Security, Terraform additions, Anthos for AWS, and Qt Creator

After last week’s update, the Git team has pushed another slew of security releases into the open, taking […]

What’s the point: Google AI advances, Git security updates, and API gateway Gloo

Google’s AI teams used the comparatively quiet post-easter days to get ML practitioners up to speed with their […]

Google devs unveil Kubernetes management framework – they kpt that quiet…

Developers at Google have open-sourced a toolkit for managing Kubernetes configurations and workflows. The toolkit, dubbed kpt (pronounced […]

GitLab asks customers to help it open source a raft of features

GitLab is open sourcing 18 features that were previously only available to its paying users, after CEO Sid […]

GitLab unveils latest flaw list, include vulnerability page leak

GitLab has advised its users of a slew of “important” security fixes to its community and enterprise versions, […]