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Git moves to new defaults in 2.26 release

Version 2.26 of the version management system git is ready for downloading, making version 2 of the transport […]

Microsoft sub GitHub cites US sanctions as it pulls repo access for…Microsoft US employee’s JavaScript project

GitHub was forced into a brisk about face yesterday, after pulling access to the repos of JavaScript framework […]

GitHub outages? It’s the database stupid…

GitHub has cast a sliver of light on the cause of the outages that have plagued the code […]

Isomorphic-git gets 1.0, gets rid of plugins

Isomorphic-git has hit 1.0, with the promise of tighter IDE and Typescript integration, albeit with a long list […]

Microsoft unveils Scalar tool for vast Git repos

Microsoft has taken the wraps off a tool it says will utlimately make it easier for everyone to […]

GitHub taps into CLI…and India

GitHub has launched a CLI tool in beta, giving users the option of an official way to do […]

GitHub gets API, connects issues and pull requests

GitHub has launched an Actions API, plugging what it described a “key feature” gap its its workflow offering. […]

Git team releases 2.25, takes step towards Perl freedom

Git maintainer Junio C. Hamano has announced the availability of version 2.25 of the source control system, which […]

GitLab unwraps security, AWS integration in (final?) release of 2019

GitLab has put security front and centre in what should be this year’s last release of its Dev/Sec/Ops/everything […]

What’s the point: Git patches holes, JetBrains goes cloudy on TeamCity, Puppet Enterprise CD, Spring Boot EOL

The Git project this week released a slew of patches for vulnerabilities in v2.24.1 and earlier. These plug […]