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GitLab works towards FIPS compliance, lets ultimate tier stream audit events

The team behind repo management turned DevOps platform GitLab has pushed out version 14.7 of the project, which […]

Break point: Puppet, Operator Framework, CircleCI, GitLab, Bevy, and LitmusChaos

During a round of testing, the team behind automation tool Puppet found that upcoming protocol changes at GitHub […]

Welcome to the remote life: GitLab 14.6 lets Geo see off site-specific URLs

GitLab 14.6 is now ready for downloading. With its last release of 2021, the GitLab team tried to […]

Break point: MariaDB, ONNX runtime, Seldon Core, GitLab, Go, and Oracle

The organisations behind relational database management system MariaDB announced that, starting with the next major update, the release […]

All hands on deck: Log4j team rethinks defaults to help prevent Log4Shell – how to know if it affects you

The team behind Java logging framework Log4j has reworked the standard behaviour of its project slightly and made […]

Bugfix time: GitLab pushes security releases to help keep things confidential

The GitLab team has released a round of security updates for its DevOps platform, which it strongly recommends […]

Feeling safe yet? GitLab 14.5 introduces security scanning for infra as code config files

Repo management-cum-DevOps platform GitLab has gotten its monthly update. As part of the release of v14.5 the company […]

Break point: JetBrains updates, GitLab security fixes, Datadog acquires Ozcode

JetBrains has issued a slew of announcements this week, including the CLion 2021.3 Early Access Preview, Spring Cloud […]

Break point: GitLab Security Release, new Amazon EC2 instances, SUSE acquires NeuVector, Azure DevOps Server patched

GitLab has released versions 14.4.1, 14.3.4, and 14.2.6 for GitLab Community Edition (CE) and Enterprise Edition (EE) with […]

GitLab updates Container Registry with metadata database to ease storage woes

GitLab is preparing to roll out a version of its Container Registry on GitLab.com that implements a metadata […]