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JetBrains survey: developers 91% male, 73% experience burnout, more liking Rust and Go

Tools vendor JetBrains has published its annual survey of development trends, this time based on responses from around […]

Gitpod abandons self-hosted product in favor of dedicated cloud

Gitpod, which provides remote development environments, has ceased development and support (other than what is already contractually agreed) […]

Google introduces Cloud developer workstations with a JetBrains flavor – but cannot avoid Visual Studio Code

Google has introduced Cloud Workstations as part of its Cloud Next online event, competing with other online developer […]

Gitpod and JetBrains integrate to strengthen remote development offering

Developer tools company JetBrains and remote development provider Gitpod have co-developed tools which integrate the JetBrains IDEs, such […]

Break point: Qodana, Pulumi, OpenShift, GraalVM, Seldon, and VS Code

JetBrains has re-evaluated its Qodana code quality platform project and split the project into language-specific linters for Java, […]

Gitpod opens doors to in-browser VS Code with OpenVSCode Server project

Teams looking to set up their own cloud-based development environment have a new option to check out: OpenVSCode […]