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To each their own: Waypoint introduces workspace scoping, UI improvements

Waypoint 0.7, one of HashiCorp’s newer tools designed to facilitate the building and deployment of applications, is now […]

All hands on deck: Log4j team rethinks defaults to help prevent Log4Shell – how to know if it affects you

The team behind Java logging framework Log4j has reworked the standard behaviour of its project slightly and made […]

Terraform 1.1 moves forward with refactoring helpers and native Terraform Cloud integration

A good half year after Terraform hit its first major release, the team behind the infrastructure as a […]

Identities for all: Vault 1.9 takes steps towards becoming an OIDC provider

HashiCorp has pushed out version 1.9 of its secret management tool Vault. The update features predominantly client count […]

HashiCorp set to archive unmaintained Packer provisioner plugins

Developers using HashiCorp’s Packer tool are being advised that the firm plans to start archiving provisioner plugins that […]

HashiCorp previews Cloud Development Kit for Terraform

HashiCorp has released a tech preview of its Cloud Development Kit for Terraform, the company’s infrastructure-as-code provisioning tool, […]

HashiCorp Waypoint preps for Kubernetes users, Nomad toys with reusable app deployments

DevOps tooling provider HashiCorp has released version 0.6 of its application deployment app Waypoint, which sees the relatively […]

Break point: Prometheus, JFrog, GDB, Boundary, Serverless Framework, Eclipse, Delphi, Kubermatic, and DataSpell

The team behind monitoring system Prometheus has pushed version 2.30 into the wild, and with it some improvements […]

HashiCorp Vault 1.8 helps spot server setup issues

Version 1.8 of secret management tool HashiCorp Vault is now generally available. The update is the first to […]

Full transparency: Consul 1.10 introduces less-prescriptive traffic handling

Work on version 1.10 of service networking project HashiCorp Consul is done, and the result is generally available […]