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Istio will follow Knative to Cloud Native Computing Foundation, ending uncertainty over stewardship

Istio, a service mesh commonly used with Kubernetes to manage traffic between microservices, has been submitted to the […]

Break point: GitHub, Istio, Snyk, SQLite, Vitesse, and Twist

GitHub opened its database of open source-related CVEs and security advisories for community contributions this week. The company […]

Istio project pushes out v1.13 – users might have preferred a security update

Apparently, service mesh Istio currently comes with a high severity security issue. While waiting for the fix to […]

Break point: Cloudera, NeuVector, Mirantis Secure Registry, Apache Hop, Java Operator SDK, and Istio

The team behind Cloudera Streaming Analytics has put the finishing touches to its 1.6 release. The update, available […]

Istio 1.12 learns to keep things local, gets a grip on TCP probes

Service mesh Istio is now available in version 1.12, providing users with enhancements meant to make the project […]

Break point: Keptn, D2iQ Kaptain, Calico, Istio, Notcurses, and Icinga

Event-based CD and automation control plane Keptn can be downloaded in version 0.9. Highlights of the release include […]

Gloo Mesh 1.1 lands, gets Mesh Gateway to better cater to enterprise use cases

Cloud-native tooling company Solo.io has used the update of its enterprise Istio product Gloo Mesh to introduce the […]

Service mesh Istio 1.11 reworks gateway management, experiments with multi-cluster services

The team behind service mesh Istio now offers version 1.11 of the project, which features gateway injection along […]

Break point: Cycloid, Istio, Sumo Logic, FastAI.jl, O3DE, PyTorch Lightning, and Linkerd

DevOps tooling company Cycloid launched infrastructure-as-code product Infra Import into beta this week. The tool is based on […]

Envoy 1.19.0 arrives with a slew of minor changes

The Envoy project has released Envoy 1.19.0, adding a number of minor new features and bug fixes to […]