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What’s the Point? Travis CI’s build config validation, .NET Core on Lambda (not), Istio and Electron Upgrades

Travis CI has announced a beta of its new Build Config Validation feature. The CI vendor said the […]

What’s the point: Azure ships Repos app, final EAP for latest TeamCity, Elasticsearch, and Istio

Microsoft has pushed out its Azure Repos App for Microsoft Teams. The app means repositories and branches can […]

Google’s Anthos blooms onto Istio, Cloud Run

Google has fleshed out its Anthos service, tying it to the Istio service mesh and extending it to […]

Istio gets experimental in major update v1.3

The Istio team has declared a “major update” in the shape of v1.3 of the service mesh, which […]

Time for an update: Istio team issues security releases reducing potential for DoS attacks

The team behind service mesh Istio has released version 1.1.13 and 1.2.4 of the project to mitigate vulnerabilities […]

What’s the point: TensorFlow, Istio, glibc, Cloudera Altus Director, and all’s well that ends well for Linux floppy driver

If you find your machine learning models to be a bit too large, TensorFlow’s Model Optimization Toolkit now […]

Istio fixes Envoy crashing flaw with trio of updates

Istio disclosed a flaw in its JWT authentication filter on Friday that could crash the Envoy proxy it […]

Istio gets back on the release track, presents v1.2

Service mesh Istio is now available in version 1.2. Since the last release took a bit longer than […]

What’s the point: Nomad 0.9.2, Ruby 2.7, Azure, and Istio 1.2

HashiCorp’s workload orchestrator Nomad is now available in v0.9.2. The most notable additions in the release focus on […]

Istio bug metamorphosises into security flaw

Istio has issued a security update for its eponymous service mesh after realising that a bug that was […]