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Despite OpenJDK, 70% of Java fixes and features come from Oracle, Big Red says

Oracle has released Java 20, and says that since Java 11 in 2018 it has contributed over 70% […]

Microsoft’s Visual Basic: Why it won, and why it had to die

Developer Alan Cooper conceived Microsoft’s Visual Basic (VB) as a “shell construction kit,” according to a new history […]

Spring developers excited about Project Loom and Spring Native – but SOAP hangs on

VMware has released its annual survey of Spring developers, finding high interest in Project Loom (lightweight threads for […]

Improved Durable Functions coming to Microsoft’s Azure Functions service – but what about cold start?

Microsoft’s Anirudh Garg, who leads the engineering team for Azure Functions, has posted abut planned improvements to the […]

JetBrains Aqua: Preview is IDE for test automation but not yet comprehensive

JetBrains is developing an IDE for test automation, now in preview as Aqua. Although most IDEs already support […]

JetBrains releases 2022.2 wave of updates to IntelliJ IDEA family of tools

JetBrains has released IntelliJ IDEA 2022.2 – its comprehensive IDE – as well as RubyMine 2022.2, with updates […]

Microsoft says no more “weird issues” with VS Code and popular Lombok Java library

Microsoft has taken over maintenance of the vscode-lombok extension, originally created by Gabriel Basilio, which supports the use […]

Pulumi broadens reach by adding Java, YAML, and CrossCode translator

Infrastructure as code tool Pulumi is being extended with new language support for Java and YAML, as well […]

GraalVM 22.0 digs up fresh Truffle APIs, better heap isolation

Oracle-bred GraalVM just saw its version count being upped to 22.0, promising enterprise customers heap isolation while open […]

TIOBE Programming Language of the year 2021 title goes to Python (again)

For the second time in a row, Python has been crowned the programming language of the year by […]