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Node 22 released with experimental support for require targeting ECMAScript modules and more

Node 22 – which will eventually be a LTS (Long-term support) version – is out with new features […]

Bun 1.1 released with Windows support, stable WebSocket client and more

Bun – a bundler and runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript – was this week updated to version 1.1, […]

Slint 1.4 released: lightweight cross-platform GUI toolkit for Rust, C++ and JavaScript

The Slint team has released version 1.4 of its cross-platform GUI toolkit for Rust, C++ and JavaScript, with […]

Fixing bug-prone JavaScript dates: Deno 1.4 adds its support for Temporal API

Deno 1.4 is out, including support (behind a flag) for the Temporal API, a JavaScript standard for improved […]

Bun runtime adds shell script support, with a Windows version promised shortly

The Bun JavaScript runtime has added experimental support for shell scripts, with a post that implies this will […]

JavaScript functions stored procedures previewed in MySQL – but developers are wary

Oracle has previewed JavaScript stored procedures in MySQL 8.2, although currently only in the Enterprise edition or the […]

jQuery survey shows majority using unmaintained versions – but upgrading might not be easy

The OpenJS Foundation has sponsored a jQuery survey showing that a majority of websites using this ubiquitous library […]

WebAssembly increasingly used for plug-ins and serverless, but needs better tools

A new WebAssembly survey sponsored by software development company Scott Logic shows growing usage as a runtime for […]

AWS previews Amplify 6 JavaScript library, hints at CodeWhisperer Enterprise

AWS is updating its Amplify JavaScript library to version 6, adding Next.js support, stronger TypeScript support, and smaller […]

Bun 1.0 JavaScript runtime released complete with “experimental” Windows version

The Bun team has declared its JavaScript/TypeScript runtime stable with the release of version 1.0, staking strong claims […]