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TypeScript 5.1 released, 5.2 beta on way with resource management on the roadmap – more like C#?

Microsoft has released TypeScript 5.1, with improvements including less fuss over functions that return void or undefined, and […]

Bun 1.6 is out with new JavaScript/TypeScript bundler and ability to compile standalone executables

The team behind the Bun JavaScript runtime – led by Jarred Sumner – has released version 0.6, including […]

TypeScript is ‘not worth it’ for developing libraries, says Svelte author, as team switches to JavaScript and JSDoc

Svelte creator Rich Harris has made the case for switching from TypeScript to JavaScript and JSDoc, countering a […]

Single Page Applications? Time to move on says Remix co-founder at QCon

At the QCon developer conference in London, Kent C Dodds, a software engineer who co-founded Remix software described […]

Ten years of React, and new documentation site has framework opinions to share

The React team has released a new documentation site, including recommendations for using “a full stack React framework […]

Tainted PHP code? JetBrains Qodana has a new detection feature

JetBrains has released a taint analysis feature for PHP in preview, via its early access programme. A “taint”, […]

Microsoft TypeScript 5.0 is nearly done, complete with ECMAScript Decorators

The TypeScript team has rolled out TypeScript 5.0 RC, with Microsoft senior program manager Daniel Rosenwasser saying that […]

React Native survey shows pain of upgrades – and decline of Cordova and Xamarin

The latest survey of React Native developers highlights the challenge of targeting ever-changing mobile platforms as the biggest […]

JetBrains survey: developers 91% male, 73% experience burnout, more liking Rust and Go

Tools vendor JetBrains has published its annual survey of development trends, this time based on responses from around […]

JavaScript survey shows enthusiasm for Tauri over Electron and Vite over Webpack

State of JavaScript, a survey of nearly 40,000 web developers (twice as many as last year), shows continuing […]