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Microsoft launches Windows Server Containers on Azure Kubernetes Service

If you’ve wanted to go cloud native with Kubernetes, but are loathe to leave your ageing Windows behind […]

Red Hat lifts lid on Microsoft tie-ups covering OpenShift and serverless

Red Hat unwrapped a series of alliances with Microsoft this week, just months ahead of its impending takeover […]

Azure points Pipelines at Kubernetes, syncs GitHub and Azure

Microsoft banged the DevOps drum across its Azure and GitHub platforms as it kicked off its Build Conference […]

VMware blues banished with Microsoft Azure lifeline

Like worry free VMware with your Microsoft Azure cloud? You’re in luck. Finally. Dell and Microsoft have announced […]

Python squeezes past Kotlin to take Rust’s dev love crown

Python has continued its slide to the top of the developer world in Stack Overflow’s annual survey for […]

Microsoft throws Windows PowerShell revamp at ‘surprising’ lack of uptake

Microsoft will “renew” efforts to completely replace its Window PowerShell command-line shell and scripting language platform following lacklustre […]

CNCF marches Brigade into Sandbox

Microsoft fostered Kubernetes scripting project Brigade is kicking up a storm in the Cloud Native Computing Forum’s Sandbox. […]

Azure DevOps team offers users a look down the pipeline, previews Q1/Q2 changes

Microsoft’s Azure DevOps team has updated its roadmap for the service, giving users a heads-up on what they […]

Docker Enterprise now supports even more Windows

Docker has announced support for Windows Server 2019, and has pitched its Swarm container orchestrator as a halfway […]

Microsoft slips into SciKit-learn Consortium mode

Microsoft has joined the SciKit-learn Consortium, the organisation supporting construction of the free software machine-learning library for Python. […]