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AWS swoops on deadline dodging Windows Server 2008 users

AWS kicked off its mega re:Invent shindig this week by targeting panic-stricken Windows Server 2008 users with a […]

Facebook ditches own dev environment for Visual Studio Code

Facebook has said it is making Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code its default development environment internally. It is also […]

GitHub revs up Enterprise Server, hits handhelds as it shuffles betas

GitHub extended its reach from the enterprise to the handheld as it opened its GitHub Universe event in […]

Azure serves up pre-warmed Functions to offset cold starts

Microsoft has unveiled a number of enhancements for its Azure Functions serverless computing service, including PowerShell support for […]

Microsoft pulls tighter on blockchain with R3 Corda Enterprise

Microsoft has stepped up its integration with enterprise blockchain firm R3 by offering the finance giant-backed firm’s Corda […]

Microsoft calls time on great .NET Core API migration

Microsoft has declared the .NET Framework API porting project complete, five years after .NET Core 1.0 was released. […]

Pivotal and Microsoft put Spring in Azure setup

Microsoft and Pivotal have unveiled Azure Spring Cloud, a service to simplify deployment of scalable Java applications on […]

Microsoft showcases optional chaining as it lets loose TypeScript 3.7 beta

Microsoft has lifted the lid on a “feature complete” beta of TypeScript 3.7, claiming that it includes some […]

AI: use it or lose out, says Microsoft

UK firms risk falling behind foreign rivals unless they make more use of AI, warns a new report […]

Microsoft to shutter Windows Developer Feedback forums

Microsoft is set close down its Windows Developer Feedback UserVoice forums (wpdev․uservoice․com), which will no longer accept submissions […]