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NumPy 1.22 kicks off windows/arm64 support, completes main annotation work

After more than a half year of work, the NumPy team has released version 1.22 of the scientific […]

State of Julia: the future looks modular, generic, and fast

July came and went, and with it JuliaCon, the annual get together of Julia users. During the three-day […]

Pip gets disruptive in 20.3 release, while SymPy looks for enhanced usability

Hailed as an “important and disruptive release”, version 20.3 of the package installer for the Python programming language […]

GNU Octave 6.1 fine tunes precision and smoothes out some edges

Friends of open source Matlab-alternative GNU Octave can now get their hands on version 6.1 of the numerical […]