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GraalVM 22.0 digs up fresh Truffle APIs, better heap isolation

Oracle-bred GraalVM just saw its version count being upped to 22.0, promising enterprise customers heap isolation while open […]

IPython 8.0 out now with slimmer code base, enhanced coding experience

Interactive Python toolkit IPython has slimmed down a bit, gained some enhancements for readability and debugging, and is […]

Elixir team advances numerical computing project, plans more machine learning additions

After 14 months of work, the developers behind multi-dimensional tensor library Nx have decided to cut their first […]

TIOBE Programming Language of the year 2021 title goes to Python (again)

For the second time in a row, Python has been crowned the programming language of the year by […]

NumPy 1.22 kicks off windows/arm64 support, completes main annotation work

After more than a half year of work, the NumPy team has released version 1.22 of the scientific […]

Break point: Django, VS Code, Eclipse, Spring Tools, and GitHub Enterprise Server

The team behind Python web framework Django has put the finishing touches to its RedisCache backend and released […]

JetBrains fits IDEs with remote capabilities

JetBrains continued its IDE update extravaganza last week, bumping popular choices like IntelliJ IDEA, PyCharm, and CLion up […]

Latest Python Extension for Visual Studio Code means end of life for Microsoft Python Language Server

Microsoft has made available the November 2021 release of its Python Extension for Visual Studio Code, formally marking […]

Ah, there it is: Python 3.10 launches switch equivalent, adds more help in case things go wrong

Version 3.10 of popular programming language Python has been released just as planned, and while the update doesn’t […]

Scikit-learn celebrates the big 1.0 with keyword arguments and online one-class SVMs

After a good 14 years of development, the team behind scikit-learn has released version 1.0 of the Python […]