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Ray 1.9 makes Train beta, launches Ray Job Submission server

The team behind the Ray framework for building distributed applications has pushed version 1.9 of its project into […]

Break point: Epsagon, Artifact Hub, Tesseract, Cloudera, OpenSpiel, Keda, and GitHub

Cisco has announced plans to acquire distributed tracing company Epsagon, in a bid to accelerate its comprehensive observability […]

What’s the point: Google AI advances, Git security updates, and API gateway Gloo

Google’s AI teams used the comparatively quiet post-easter days to get ML practitioners up to speed with their […]

Google AI plants SEED for better scalable reinforcement learning

Google AI researchers have looked into ways of making reinforcement learning scale better and improve computational efficiency. The […]

DeepMind says RLax..or try Haiku(s)

Artificial intelligence company DeepMind has open-sourced new libraries for neural networks and reinforcement learning, making the most of […]

Huskarl aims at becoming the TensorFlow for Reinforcement Learning

TensorFlow users interested in Reinforcement Learning (better known as the thing that made AlphaGo win at Go) might […]

Reinforcement Learning framework Dopamine opens up to new environments

Dopamine, a framework for experimenting with reinforcement learning (RL), has reached the 2.0 mark, now allowing the use […]