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In a new foundation we trust: Rust programming language to continue under fresh org

The Rust team already hinted at some changes, but now it’s official: the programming language will get its […]

What’s the point: Ansible, Datadog, Amazon, Lens, Rust, and DeepMind

The team behind Red Hat’s IT automation tool Ansible is on track for the 2.10 release on September […]

JetBrains revs-up new engine for more IntelliJ Rust support

As hinted at last week, code development tool provider JetBrains has just released version 0.3 of its IntelliJ […]

Rust 1.45.0 to deal with ‘longstanding unsoundness’

Developer darling Rust has hit version 1.45.0, replete with a fix for some long-standing “unsoundness” and stable support for Rocket.

TIOBE chief claims COVID-19 is a factor after programming language R moves up the index

The TIOBE Programming Community index for July is now available, and pulls up statistical programming language R to […]

Rust library team thumbs through reorg playbook, calls for new members

With the Rust project expanding, the programming language’s standard library team is trying a separation of concerns between […]

Rust 1.44 shines light on not-so-standard contexts and dependency visualisation

Without much promotion, the team behind programming language Rust has pushed version 1.44 of its project out of […]

Rust moves up in the world, enters TIOBE index’s top 20

Five years after having been awarded “the most loved programming language” badge on Stack Overflow for the first […]

Language survey: You know what we’re a bit Rust-y on? Getting companies on board

After its first 10 years, interest in Mozilla-bred programming language Rust seems to have run into saturation. Although […]

Rust says farewell to docs team

After almost two years without official meetings and lack of success with recruiting new members, the Rust developers […]