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CoreWCF 1.0: Removing a blocker for migrating from .NET Framework

The CoreWCF project, a port of Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) to .NET Core, just shipped its 1.0 release. […]

Break point: Lens, Kong Mesh, Spring Boot, Git Tower, and Amazon AppStream

Kubernetes IDE Lens 5.3 has just made it over the finish line, and fits the project with new […]

Icinga for Windows v1.7.0 integrates REST API

Infrastructure monitoring provider Icinga has pushed out the latest release of its platform for Windows, aimed at making […]

Break point: Keptn, D2iQ Kaptain, Calico, Istio, Notcurses, and Icinga

Event-based CD and automation control plane Keptn can be downloaded in version 0.9. Highlights of the release include […]

Break point: Qt, GitLab, Windows containers, Sauce Labs, Neovim, and Open 3D Engine

The Qt team has entered the beta phase of its work on the highly anticipated version 6.2 of […]

Project Reunion 0.5 aims at simplified Windows app development

Microsoft has hit version 0.5 of Project Reunion, an initiative to provide developers with a unified set of […]

What’s that coming over the hill? 2020’s last Kubernetes release

The Kubernetes release cycle is back to its usual self, bringing version 1.20 to K8s aficionados young and […]

Icinga for Windows v1.3 experiments with code cache, improves testing

Infrastructure monitoring provider Icinga is trying to make admins lives a little easier though load reducing experiments, as […]

What’s new in the cloud: Grafana Metrics Enterprise, KubeEdge, Kong, Docker Enterprise and Desktop

Analytics and monitoring tool provider Grafana has updated its enterprise portfolio by adding a little something for the […]

What’s the point: Qt, Ruby, GitLab pricing, Databricks, TabNet, Icinga, and Ambassador

Ruby creator promises major release for Christmas Ruby creator Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto has informed the community around his […]