CNCF marches Brigade into Sandbox

CNCF marches Brigade into Sandbox

Microsoft fostered Kubernetes scripting project Brigade is kicking up a storm in the Cloud Native Computing Forum’s Sandbox.

When the project was announced back in October 2017, founder, and Microsoft principal software engineer, Matt Butcher described it as “a framework for scripting together multiple tasks and executing them inside of containers.”

Taking a leaf out the serverless workbook, it aims to build an ordered workflow of containers in Kubernetes and “trigger the workflow by listening for arbitrary events.”

According to the project’s website, Brigade is “particularly well suited” for CI and CD workloads, including automated testing and managing deployments.

It is built directly on Kubernetes APIs, meaning it can be deployed on any Kubernetes system (including Azure) and can be monitored using regular Kubernetes tools, and deployment and managed with Helm (another Butcher creation currently being incubated at the CNCF).

Configuration is done in basic Javascript. The overview of the project is also at pains to point out it is “not a SaaS, nor does it require a legion of domain experts to configure and run it.”

The CNCF’s Sandbox is described as the “entry point for early stage projects.” It aims to encourage visibility of and nurture experiments and early stage work that can add value to CNCF’s mission, as they build towards incubation status.

It also facilitates alignment with other CNCF projects, (if desired), and aims to remove legal and governance obstacles to adoption and contribution by ensuring they all the CNCF legal and other requirements.

The aim is to move into the incubation stage, and ultimately “graduate” to full fat projects. There are five current graduate projects: Kubernetes; Envoy; Prometheus; Containerd; and CoreDNS.