D2iQ promotes Kommander to master Kubernetes management

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D2iQ has bid to become the latest organisation to bring some order to the Kubernetes world, with the launch of Kommander.

Highlighting just how fast moving the Kubernetes world is, there appears to be no three word description of what Kommander is, with D2iQ describing it as a “a new product that delivers federated multi-cluster management and governance across disparate clusters for any on-premise or cloud Kubernetes distribution”.

But, for the sake of brevity, let’s call it a Kubernetes management suite.

D2iQ listed no less than nine “core capabilities” for Kommander, starting with an operations dashboard, centralised monitoring and alerting, as well as centralised authentication, and centralised governance and policy administration.


It also includes a cluster configuration manager, which D2iQ said means consistent configuration for services and cross-cluster operations, as well as a “push-button” services catalog.

You’ll be wanting a service mesh to tie all that together, and D2iQ said Kommander will “Support multiple clusters for larger “as-a-service” needs across many different project teams by combining D2iQ’s Kommander with integrated service mesh.”

The (no longer have to) wish list is rounded out with integration with KUDO operators, and service version control. Kommander will support Konvoy – D2iQ’s own Kubernetes distribution – as well as other distributions.

If that all sounds heavy on the ops side of the house, also new is Dispatch, “a service that delivers full lifecycle continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) capabilities for simplified and accelerated deployment of new code.”

D2iQ was formerly known as Mesosphere, which amongst other things, was behind container orchestration platform Marathon. However, Kubernetes appears to have won out in the container orchestration wars, and the company has steadily tilted its development towards the Google-hatched platform.

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