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ShardingSphere pulls itself up ladder to top tier of Apache Software Foundation projects

Although it’s website still states otherwise, self-described big data middleware system Apache ShardingSphere has left the incubating realms […]

etcd strikes a balance, bolsters backend with 3.4 release

etcd hit v3.4 late last week, promising an improved storage backend, revamped raft voting process, and whole new […]

TensorFlow opens doors to privacy aware machine learning

Two additions to the TensorFlow product family should help developers not only with hard to centralise data, but […]

PyTorch team sips Caffe2, serves up production ready machine learning library

More than half a year after the PyTorch team announced the v1.0 roadmap for their tensor and neural […]

Struggling with distributed apps? Microsoft and Docker have a spec for that

Docker, Microsoft and some anonymous friends, have launched a specification for building and managing distributed applications that they […]