PyTorch steps up to help handling larger than life models

PyTorch, a Python library for tensor computation and neural networks, is now available in version 1.4, bringing experimental distributed model parallel training...

Optuna lures machine learning aficionados with lightweight approach to hyperparameter optimisation

Hyperparameter optimisation framework Optuna has seen some API stabilisation work and performance improvements making the now available version 1.0 ready for production.

Google taps AppSheet to build out no-code cloud offering

Google’s Cloud arm has hoovered up five year old no-code development platform AppSheet, in what seems like an opener to a fight...

AWS debuts AutoGluon to help devs get stuck into machine learning

AWS has quietly open sourced an open source tool kit it claims will “democratise” machine learning by removing much of the hand...

TensorFlow 2.1 makes Keras play nice with TPUs

The TensorFlow team has finished work on version 2.1 of the numerical computation library, with the result offering Keras enhancements and improvements...

Lyft drives ML platform Flyte into the open

Rideshare company Lyft has open sourced its orchestration engine Flyte, the secret sauce of its machine learning pipeline management.

Facebook starts policing deepfakes – with room for improvement

Facebook has “strengthened” its policy towards manipulated media to combat misinformation by adding removal criteria for deepfakes and the like.

Apache Kafka reaches 2.4 release with new partitioner in tow

The team behind the distributed streaming platform Apache Kafka has added the finishing touches to version 2.4, adding features like multiple consumer...

Intel adds NLP to Deep Learning Reference Stack

Intel has released version 5.0 of its Deep Learning Reference Stack, adding natural language processing capabilities and some examples to the offering. 

Intel burns $2bn to draw in Habana for AI silicon rollout

Intel has spent another $2bn to build out its AI processor portfolio, with the purchase of Israel-based startup Habana Labs.