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AI coding: Hugging Face engineer extols benefits of open source models, but hard questions remain

AI coding using open source models has advantages in transparency and the ability to customize them, but hard […]

.NET Smart Components experiment the “Visual Basic” of AI programming?

Microsoft has introduced experimental .NET Smart Components as an effort to make AI programming within reach for every […]

GitHub autofix progresses to public beta: insecure code corrected with AI, but only for enterprise

GitHub code scanning autofix, a service which automatically detects code vulnerabilities and suggests fixes, is now in public […]

JetBrains bows to user pressure and unbundles AI Assistant in new IntelliJ IDEA beta

JetBrains has unbundled its AI Assistant from the IDE, in a new beta of IntelliJ IDEA, which is […]

Hands On: Netlify AI-assisted deployment aims to reduce log-diving

Netlify has introduced AI-assisted deployment to its hosting platform. The feature analyzes deployment failures and suggests fixes, the […]

Stack Overflow turns to Google for hosting and AI features, trusts in Gemini for tech answers

Developer question and answer site Stack Overflow has signed a deal with Google Cloud, through which Stack Overflow […]

Employing your cloud data warehouse to scale up AI/ML

SPONSORED FEATURE: Canadian hockey player Wayne Gretzky famously said: “I skate to where the puck is going, not […]

Rust-based Zed editor now open source – with built-in support for OpenAI and GitHub Copilot

The Zed editor project – which remains a pre-release – is now open source under the AGPL, GPL […]

AI assistance is leading to lower code quality, claim researchers

AI software development has grown rapidly in popularity, but how is code quality impacted? Not well, according to […]

Google pitches AI developers with Gemini Pro, new tooling, and generous free quota

Gemini Pro, the multimodal AI model which powers Google Bard, has been made available to developers – both […]