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Can you trust AI to test AI-generated code? DevClass talks AI coding with Tabnine

Peter Guagenti, president and CMO of Tabnine, recently spoke with DevClass about AI versus search, how to assess […]

Official OpeniAI .NET library now in beta, will replace Azure OpenAI library and transition may be painful

OpenAI, in collaboration with Microsoft, has released the first betas of an official library for .NET. The new […]

AWS Bedrock Converse API: Use same code with different models, works best with Claude 3

AWS has simplified coding conversational applications for its Bedrock AI coding service with the introduction of the Converse […]

Google Project IDX remote development environment now in open beta – but without iOS simulator

Google has opened its Project IDX browser-based remote development environment to public beta, as well as adding integration […]

Stack Overflow signs deal with OpenAI

Developer Q&A site Stack Overflow will partner with OpenAI, with ChatGPT using Stack Overflow data and OpenAI models […]

Oracle preparing Code Assist: AI coding “fine-tuned” for Java, SQL and its own cloud

Oracle is planning to release its own AI coding assistant, Code Assist, with the claim that it is […]

GitHub opens technical preview for Copilot Workspace, its next phase in AI-powered development

Developers can now apply to join the technical preview of Copilot Workspace

Sourcegraph coding assistant now supports Anthropic Claude 3 – though limited to 7K token input

Cody, an AI coding assistant from Sourcegraph, now supports Anthropic Claude 3 LLMs (Large Language Models) as well […]

Supabase moves out of beta, adds supports for Swift, plugs in Oriole storage engine

Supabase, described by its developers as an open source alternative to Google’s Firebase, has moved to general availability […]

Go dev survey shows frustration with Python’s dominance of AI

An official survey of Go developers shows growing interest in building AI applications – but some frustration that […]