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JetBrains releases its AI Assistant and pricing – but how does it compare to Github Copilot?

JetBrains has released its AI Assistant, now available in the 2023.3 versions of its range of IDEs and […]

AI Assistants write insecure code that humans trust too much, Snyk survey finds

A new report suggests that AI coding tools “consistently generate insecure code,” highlighting an aspect of automated coding […]

Interview: Not much on Kubernetes at AWS re:Invent? More than it seemed, VP tells us

Kubernetes is hot in the enterprise, yet received little attention in the keynotes at the AWS re:Invent conference […]

AWS adds features to CodeWhisperer stables: AI for infrastructure as code, Visual Studio C# support and more

AWS has added features to its CodeWhisperer AI assistant for developers, including support for infrastructure as code (IaC), […]

Developers cheer GitHub Copilot Enterprise edition trained on organization code, but not its price

GitHub’s Universe conference is under way in San Francisco and online, and to nobody’s surprise the agenda is […]

Microsoft’s Semantic Kernel + OpenAI’s new AI Assistants API: perfect fit, or recipe for developer confusion?

Microsoft’s Semantic Kernel, an SDK for AI programming, will provide an abstraction layer for OpenAI’s just-announced AI Assistants […]

Codeium 1.4 AI assistant adds multiple chats, preview of Command auto-coding feature

Codeium, an AI assistant from Exafunction, has added multiple chat support in the just-released 1.4 version, and previewed […]

AWS previews CodeWhisperer trained on internal code repositories

AWS has previewed a new capability for its AI-driven coding assistant, CodeWhisperer, enabling it to be trained on […]

Build a user interface using AI prompts: Vercel V0 development kit now in public beta

Vercel, sponsors of the Next.js React framework, has opened an AI-driven web development kit to public beta, after […]

Google-sponsored DevOps survey shows limited benefits of AI, return of elite teams

A Google-sponsored DevOps survey shows a widening gulf between the best and worst performing teams, and that the […]