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Elixir team advances numerical computing project, plans more machine learning additions

After 14 months of work, the developers behind multi-dimensional tensor library Nx have decided to cut their first […]

TensorFlow 2.5.0 slithers in with support for Python 3.9

The TensorFlow team has released v2.5.0 of the open source software framework for machine learning, delivering a number […]

LinkedIn debuts Java machine learning framework Dagli

Java isn’t exactly the first programming language that springs to mind when discussing machine learning – however, that […]

Intel oneDNN hits v1.4 with (drumroll)… better Intel support

The team behind Intel’s deep learning library oneDNN, also known as Deep Neural Network Library (DNNL) and Intel […]

Wolfram Language & Mathematica step into another dimension, open packaging system

Wolfram Research has released version 12.1 of its Wolfram programming language and the technical computing system Mathematica. The […]

ONNX runtime tries hand at WinML, changes compatibility pattern

Microsoft has updated its inference engine for open neural network exchange models ONNX runtime to v1.2, fitting the […]

DeepMind says RLax..or try Haiku(s)

Artificial intelligence company DeepMind has open-sourced new libraries for neural networks and reinforcement learning, making the most of […]

WTP: LLVM, WebSocket support for Jenkins, DNNL, GNU C Library, Prometheus

Prometheus 2.16 is coming and there’s a first release candidate available for testing now. According to its release […]

PyTorch steps up to help handling larger than life models

PyTorch, a Python library for tensor computation and neural networks, is now available in version 1.4, bringing experimental […]

AWS debuts AutoGluon to help devs get stuck into machine learning

AWS has quietly open sourced an open source tool kit it claims will “democratise” machine learning by removing […]