What’s the point: Heptio Contour, Puppet, Chef

What's the point

Heptio’s engineers have presented version 0.6 of Contour, their Ingress controller for Kubernetes, to the world. The project is based on the Envoy edge and service proxy, which is developed under the care of the Cloud Native Computing foundation. In earlier versions, Contour translated Kubernetes objects into Envoy equivalents.

For the new release however, the Heptio team rewrote the layer responsible for that, so that objects describing web app deployment are now used to generate a directed acyclic graph. Since the graph adds a form of abstraction, Contour isn’t tied to the data models of either project anymore and open to alternative ways of describing deployment, such as IngressRoute.

The latter was developed by Heptio with Yahoo Japan subsidiary Actapio, to have a safer way to share Ingress controllers across a cluster and provide a place for configuration parameters. It can be used to implement blue/green deployment for example – blog posts describing this in more detail should be up on the Heptio blog in the coming weeks.


Meanwhile, Puppet users can now download a device_manager module from the Forge. Its purpose is to manage the configuration of device.conf, as well as to help orchestrate and schedule puppet device runs on proxy Puppet agents. It also installs libraries required by associated device modules and defines a fact on the proxy Puppet agent to identify the devices for which it serves as a proxy.

The offering is a part of the company’s efforts to manage network devices that don’t have a Puppet agent installed on them. For those agentless devices, another agent acts as a proxy and takes care of chores such as requesting certificates, collecting facts, and applying catalogs.

…and Chef

Microsoft’s Ignite conference spares no one these days, so it’s no surprise that DevOps tools provider Chef also made an Azure-centric announcement. The company started a limited public preview of Chef Automate Managed Service for Azure. The deployment includes a Chef Automate 2.0 instance that includes Chef Server.

People that happen to live in North America and have an interest in automating their infrastructure on their Azure tenant, can apply via a special website.