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Django dev survey shows growing use of HTMX, Tailwind CSS, background workers approved

A survey of 4,000 Django developers shows strong growth in use of HTMX, Tailwind CSS and GitHub Actions […]

FrankenPHP and Caddy: Double performance, claims Caddy creator but only some apps benefit

FrankenPHP, a PHP App server written in Go and built on the Caddy web server, has the potential […]

Interview: Developers spend too much time ‘not coding’ says Harness CEO

Harness CEO and co-founder Jyoti Bansal told DevClass that “developers spend 60 to 70 percent of their time not […]

AWS combines “building block” blueprints with CodeCatalyst for rapid project creation including DevOps

AWS has added Project Development Kit (PDK) blueprints to its CodeCatalyst DevOps tool. Developers can now compose applications […]

Atlassian takes another step toward full DevOps automation

Atlassian is continuing in its efforts to transform its developer services into a fully fledged DevOps automation platform, […]

GitHub autofix progresses to public beta: insecure code corrected with AI, but only for enterprise

GitHub code scanning autofix, a service which automatically detects code vulnerabilities and suggests fixes, is now in public […]

Secret leakage in public GitHub repositories increasing, claims new report

A report on secret leakage in source code claims that the problem is worse than ever, with 12.8 […]

Test launch of TEA open source reward project clouded by repository spam attack 

A project set up to reward open source developers has stumbled after scammers that targeted GitHub repositories in […]

From Docker to Dagger: Solomon Hykes on modernisation of the DevOps pipeline

Solomon Hykes, who started the original Docker project in 2010 and co-founded the Docker company in 2011, has […]

Enterprises struggle with Agile methodology, reports long-standing survey of practitioners

The 17th State of Agile report, which claims to be the longest-running survey on the topic, states that “Agile […]