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Survey: how organizations believe AI will change DevOps

The majority of organizations believe generative AI will have a significant impact on DevOps, according to a new […]

Microsoft will block online Exchange Web Services API – but gaps remain with Graph alternative

Microsoft will retire Exchange Web Services (EWS) for Exchange Online, other than for its own applications, from October […]

Ruby on Rails creator removes TypeScript from Turbo framework, upsets community

Ruby on Rails creator David Heinemeier Hansson has removed TypeScript from the forthcoming version 8 of the Turbo […]

GitLab gets in deeper with Google Cloud Platform as pair ‘extend’ partnership

At the Google Cloud Next event in San Francisco and online this week, Google and Gitlab introduced an […]

Visual Studio for Mac ‘retired’: From open source, to closed source, to dead

Microsoft is freezing development of Visual Studio for Mac (VS Mac), with support ending on August 31 2024. […]

Stack Overflow: how much is traffic dropping, and how the moderator “strike” was resolved

Stack Overflow, the web site to which developers frequently turn for guidance on coding issues, said that its […]

Git 2.42 released, SHA-256 repositories no longer an ‘experimental curiosity’

The Git team has released version 2.42, with a notable change being that the warning about creating repositories […]

Moq testing framework under fire for phone-home SponsorLink monetization

A popular open source mocking framework for .NET is under fire from developers, following the inclusion of SponsorLink, […]

EU Cyber Resilence Act moves to next stage, “impending tragedy” for open source?

The Council of the EU has agreed a common position on the Cyber Resilience Act (CRA), which introduces […]

GitHub will rate limit enterprise audit log to prevent ‘significant strain on our data stores’

GitHub is to rate limit the audit log available to users of its Enterprise Cloud, the premium tier […]