Cloud Foundry Foundation tightens Kubernetes integration with new projects

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Eirini and CF Containerizations are the newest additions to the portfolio of non-profit Cloud Foundry Foundation. Both projects should mainly help users to combine Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry if needed, which is something developers have been asking for for a while now.

Eirini, which will be incubated within the Application Runtime PMC, was proposed by IBM – one of the main contributors to the project, along with SUSE and SAP. Its goal is to use Kubernetes cluster infrastructure to host applications deployed by the Cloud Foundry Application Runtime. Like that, users have the choice to opt for the CNCF tool instead of default scheduler Diego, which was introduced before Kubernetes got big.

CF Containerization on the other hand was donated by SUSE and should facilitate the deployment of the Cloud Foundry Application Runtime into Kubernetes clusters. Since it can be used to package Cloud Foundry BOSH releases into containers and deploy those to Kubernetes, it will be fostered by the BOSH Project Management Committee.

Cloud Foundry Foundation was founded in 2015 to promote the cloud application platform Cloud Foundry as a standard for cloud applications. The project was founded by VMware with the whole application development process in mind and is backed by companies such as Cisco, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Pivotal, SAP, and SUSE. It is hosted by the Linux Foundation, which is also the home of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, which counts Kubernetes amongst its central projects.