Drone.io buzzes open source projects with free CI service

Drone's Thanksgiving Offer

Some mark Thanksgiving by helping out at a shelter or pardoning a Turkey, but Drone.IO and Packet have decided to donate a free Continuous Integration service to open source projects.

Packet is providing “a substantial multi-year donation to support Drone Cloud and therefore help any open source project with a GitHub repository,” Drone founder Brad Rydzewski explained in a blog post.

The Drone Cloud will support Continuous Delivery Pipelines on bare metal x86 and 32-bit and 64-bit ARM servers, Rydzewski explained.

Drone describes itself as a container native CI/CD platform and said it supports any language that can run inside a Docker container.

The debut of the Drone Cloud comes two weeks after the firm unveiled the Drone 1.0 release candidate, which comes with a revamped UI and multi OS and architecture support.

If you’re not an open source project, Drone is available in a cloud version starting at $20 a month, or an on-premise Enterprise version starting at $50 for up to five users. And of course there’s the open source version.