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GitHub autofix progresses to public beta: insecure code corrected with AI, but only for enterprise

GitHub code scanning autofix, a service which automatically detects code vulnerabilities and suggests fixes, is now in public […]

From Docker to Dagger: Solomon Hykes on modernisation of the DevOps pipeline

Solomon Hykes, who started the original Docker project in 2010 and co-founded the Docker company in 2011, has […]

Docker introduces Build Cloud for accelerated local development

Docker has introduced Build Cloud, a remote build service that runs in the background to speed up local […]

Spotlight on GitHub self-hosted runners again as researcher demonstrates attack on PyTorch code

A researcher found that Meta’s popular open source PyTorch framework used self-hosted runners in its GitHub repository, against […]

Microsoft-sponsored Radius project aims to mitigate “limitations of Kubernetes”

The Microsoft Azure Incubations Team has introduced an open source (Apache 2.0 license) platform called Radius, designed for […]

Security risks of personal access tokens exposed by attacks on GitHub

Hundreds of GitHub repositories, including some in private organizations, have been compromised and malicious code injected, according to […]

AWS previews Amplify 6 JavaScript library, hints at CodeWhisperer Enterprise

AWS is updating its Amplify JavaScript library to version 6, adding Next.js support, stronger TypeScript support, and smaller […]

GitHub will rate limit enterprise audit log to prevent ‘significant strain on our data stores’

GitHub is to rate limit the audit log available to users of its Enterprise Cloud, the premium tier […]

Return of the applet? CheerpJ 3.0 runs a full JVM in HTML5 and WebAssembly

Learning Technologies will release CheerpJ 3.0 later this year, an implementation of the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) in […]

Reduce costs by 90% by moving from microservices to monolith: Amazon internal case study raises eyebrows

An Amazon case study from the Prime Video team has caused some surprise and amusement in the developer […]