Amazon invites outsiders to AWS Machine-Learning University

Amazon has made the internal Machine Learning courses publicly available that it built originally for its engineers to get aboard the ML train.

Courses are designed for those with different levels of prior knowledge and learning goals, aiming specifically at developers, business decision makers, data scientists and data platform engineers. While developers, for example, are advised to take courses in natural language processing, computer vision and developing ML applications, the curriculum for business decision makers is more about exploring basic technologies and new ways of solving business problems.

All courses start with fundamentals and include examples of problems engineers at Amazon had to solve on their ML journey – such as optimising delivery routes and ways to employ Amazon’s IMDb movie database. There’s also coursework that demonstrates best practices and introduces AWS ML services, which includes AWS Lex, Amazon SageMaker, AWS DeepLens, and Amazon Recognition among others.

The courses are free but you have to pay for the services you consume during the training while you’ll have to dig into your pockets if you feel the need to get the new certification in AWS Certified Machine Learning. Still in beta at the time of writing, AWS has set the price at $150, for a limited time. To make sure you don’t spend more than necessary, there’s even an exam preparation course for developers and data scientists.