TriggerMesh uses KLASS to break cloud silos

Multi-cloud serverless management platform TriggerMesh has introduced Knative Lambda Sources (KLASS) to the open source world – a project that lets users trigger workloads in Knative with AWS events.

It consists of event sources that are able to consume events from the AWS services Code Commit, Cognito, DynamoDB, IOT Solutions, Kinesis, Simple Storage Service, Simple Notification Service, as well as Simple Queue Services, and send them to a workload.

KLASS is meant to facilitates the implementation of cross-cloud applications, since it helps communication between AWS offerings and Knative enabled infrastructure. This could eventually include lots of platforms with Kubernetes support, since Knative is based on the project and backed by companies such as Google, IBM, and Pivotal.

This sort of industry support is also the reason why TriggerMesh decided to use Knative, which has just been released in v0.4, as a fundamental building block of its offerings, instead of going with one of the other serverless on Kubernetes projects around at the moment.

KLASS is the second open source project from TriggerMesh that is meant to help serverless users avoid vendor lock-in. Earlier this year it made Knative Lambda Runtimes, or KLR for short, available, which offered templates to let users run AWS Lambda functions in Knative enabled Kubernetes clusters.

In the upcoming months, TriggerMesh plans to get its own cloud offering ready for customers. It will allow them to host serverless functions, but also enable “event sources from virtually any cloud and on-premise infrastructure” as co-founder Mark Hinkle put it.

“Our goal is to provide a way for serverless functions to interact with all clouds and preventing lock-in and having portability. You can even use the TriggerMesh cloud to manage the deployment of serverless functions on other clouds like AWS Lambda, Google Cloud Functions and Microsoft Azure Functions. ”