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Cloudflare updates Workers platform with Python support, event notifications, and improved local development

Cloudflare has updated its serverless Workers platform with new features including Python support, event notifications from R2 storage, […]

Fermyon promises over 5000 WebAssembly applications on one Kubernetes node via new platform

Fermyon has introduced SpinKube, for developing and deploying WebAssembly applications to Kubernetes, and Fermyon Platform for Kubernetes, including […]

Amazon discontinues Aurora scale-to-zero database in favor of always-billed replacement

Amazon Web Services will discontinue the Aurora Serverless version 1 database manager. Customers will need to migrate to […]

Virtual Kubernetes lands on the Fly.io platform but there are compromises

Fly.io, a platform for running containers on virtual machines, has introduced Fly Kubernetes, which lets developers use Kubernetes […]

Apple’s Objective-C ‘appears to be reaching its end of life’ – or so says JetBrains survey

JetBrains has released its annual State of Developer Ecosystem report, including the claim that Apple’s Objective-C language “appears […]

WebAssembly increasingly used for plug-ins and serverless, but needs better tools

A new WebAssembly survey sponsored by software development company Scott Logic shows growing usage as a runtime for […]

Fermyon previews new spin on Serverless AI via Wasm

Fermyon, specialists in WebAssembly (Wasm) microservices, has introduced a new serverless AI platform, in association with Kubernetes hosting […]

Deno denial of service attack resolved, with promise to address dependency impact

Deno suffered a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack earlier this week, impacting its module registry as well […]

Cloudflare adds AI services as CTO says “a developer platform without AI” is little use

Cloudflare has introduced new services at its Developer Week now under way, including Constellation, which enables running inference […]

Reduce costs by 90% by moving from microservices to monolith: Amazon internal case study raises eyebrows

An Amazon case study from the Prime Video team has caused some surprise and amusement in the developer […]