Serverless Platform goes Enterprise, gets policies, secrets

Serverless Platform goes Enterprise, gets policies, secrets

Serverless Inc has debuted the enterprise flavour of its Serverless Platform, throwing in a number of enterprise-friendly features.

The Serverless Framework project kicked off in 2015, and the Serverless Platform Beta was debuted last July.

In a blogpost today, Serverless Inc CEO Austin Collins, said the platform was no longer in beta, and had been renamed Serverless Framework Enterprise. The company is also offering support for the platform.

First up in the new features is Serverless Insights, which Collins described as a “complete monitoring and alerting feature-set.” It will “automagically” instrument users’ functions and generate performance info and alerts, which will be poured into a Serverless Framework Enterprise Console.

The console offers “simple charts” that can be clicked on for low-level details, as well as an activity feed of alerts and events.

The Enterprise version also debuts a secrets management solution. Secrets can be created within the Enterprise console, and referenced via the framework’s variable system.

It also offers the ability to “create a special type of secret that gives the Serverless Framework temporary access to deploy to your Amazon Web Services account”. This should prevent the sort of snafus that could emerge if developers had unfettered access to an organisation’s cloud account.

The third addition is a policy engine called Serverless Safeguards. This will allow managers to configure policies via the Enterprise Console, and you get a dozen out-of-the-box which will flagup “well-known” architectural anti-patterns in applications.

The Serverless GitHub page describes Enterprise as “a commercial SaaS solution that augments the Serverless Framework CLI with everything you need to operationalize serverless development across your teams and organization in an easy and open way.” Right now, though, no pricing information seems to be available.