MCubed: £100s-saving blind bird offer expires tonight

If you want to get on top of artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science this autumn, here’s a tip – save £100s by grabbing a blind bird conference ticket for MCubed before our offer expires on this evening.

Our lineup of experts and practitioners will take you from the fundamentals of machine learning, AI and predictive analytics, through the nuances of using and applying key tools and technologies.

Whether you’re just starting to grapple with the operational implications of machine learning, are looking for a deeper insight into neural networks or deep learning, or want to dive deep into key tools such PyTorch as TensorFlow, we’ve got you covered.

And to get even deeper, check out our four workshops covering topics including: developing and deploying Neural Nets; text mining; developing with TensorFlow 2; and getting machine learning into production using containers and DevOps. And yes, you can save on these too, with early bird pricing.


This will all be taking place at the QE II Conference Center from September 30 to October 2, and as usual there will be excellent food right the way through, as well as our first day drinks party.

But remember, this offer expires tonight, at which point conference tickets jump up to early bird pricing. So don’t delay, head over to the MCubed website now.

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