Terraform Enterprise gets meta with provisioning, hauls VCS on-board for policies

Terraform Enterprise

HashiCorp’s Terraform team has updated the Enterprise offering of its infrastructure as code project with additions to the policy sets component and a ServiceNow Service Catalog integration.

The first change lets ops get policy code directly from the configured version control systems. A new graphical interface lets users choose between the latter and directly uploading a policy through an API while creating policy sets. The policy sets will appear in the designated screen, along with information on repository names and the last commit code was sourced from.

If policy code in a repository is changed, Terraform Enterprise (TE) will be informed, and switch to running and enforcing the new version, aligning policy management better with the company’s immutability principles. While code for policies is usually written using HashiCorp’s policy-as-code framework Sentinel, there is more choice when it comes to version control. At the moment integrations for GitHub, GitHub Enterprise, GitLab.com, GitLab EE and CE, Bitbucket Cloud, and Bitbucket Server are available.

Speaking of integrations, Terraform Enterprise can now be used with the ServiceNow Service Catalog. Once an admin has connected the service management offering to Terraform Enterprise, a Terraform catalog will show up in the ServiceNow UI. Users with access to that can then create a ticket to order infrastructure that has been provisioned by Terraform.


The request will be passed on to TE, which will then use the template configurations specified during setup to create a workspace, run a plan, and apply the whole thing, should policy checks have been successful. Requesters will be able to see the status of their ticket in the Service Catalog. Once a resource is available, it will appear in the ticket for the requesting person to use.

Both announcements were made at HashiCorp’s user conference HashiConf EU, which is currently in session in Amsterdam. Other news from the event included a preview for service mesh Consul 1.6, that introduces so-called mesh gateways to facilitate communication between services in different networking environments.

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