Up, up, and away – Azure Migrate reaches next level

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Microsoft has given Azure Migrate an update, fashioning the tool into a unified platform to assess and follow through migration of apps, data, and infrastructure to the company’s cloud offering.

The release means the end of the preview phase for a couple of new features introduced earlier this year, and, according to a blog post by the principal project manager for Azure Compute, Abhishek A. Hemrajani, general availability for the whole service.

If you have used Migrate before, the most visible change might be the portal, which now includes progress tracking, and guided processes for common migration scenarios. Examples for the latter are migrating on-premises VMware or Hyper-V virtual machines to Azure servers, and moving an application or data to Azure products.

To give a greater variety of tools and help in more unique setups, the options for discovery, assessment, and migration the portal presents also include a number of partner products. Customers thinking about migrating physical servers might have to wait a bit until discovery options for such a scenario will make its way into the server assessment service.


However the new version has upped its game on the virtual front and should now be able to handle large systems with up to 35,000 VMware VMs or 10,000 Hyper-V VMs respectively. Server Assessment is meant to support with cost planning, sizing, and dependency and readiness analysis, in case you were wondering.

But not only the preparation part has been reworked, according to Hemrajani, Azure Migrate Server Migration has become easier as well. Now agent-free options for moving to the Microsoft cloud are available for example. The service also comes with a simplified workflow that should be familiar to anyone who has ever tried to create a VM on Azure and takes recommendations from the assessment stage into account.

While older Migrate versions can’t be used to create new projects anymore, you can try getting access to your existing ones via a quick search for Azure Migrate in the Azure portal under “All services”.

Azure Migrate is a free service, but since some of the tools that either Microsoft or its partners offer are only free for a limited amount of time or not at all, costs might add up depending on what is used during the assessment and migration process. Technical support is available, with options starting at $37.12 per month.

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