Atlassian offers premium flavours for Confluence Cloud and Jira Software Cloud services

Atlassian offers premium flavours for Confluence Cloud and Jira Software Cloud services

Atlassian has extended the range of its products with a “premium” option with jacked up versions of its Confluence Cloud collaboration tool and Jira Software Cloud lines.

The premium versions of both products offer unlimited storage, compared to the standard versions’ 250GB. Along with the unlimited storage, the premium plans promise 99.9 per cent uptime, with an SLA “backed with service credits”. There is also 24X7 support, with a one hour response time.

The premium version of Confluence includes additional tools, which seem mainly directed at keeping tabs on exactly what people are doing in terms of collaboration.

According to a blog announcing the option by senior product marketing manager Jessica Taylor, “Our biggest customers asked for more tools to manage their Confluence sites at scale, and we built Confluence Cloud Premium to fill this need.

So, one big addition is analytics, ”with site-, space-, and page-level reports”, allowing admins, execs, and project leads to “easily monitor the content your teams are creating, liking, commenting on, and viewing the most.”

Admins also get the ability to clean up out of date spaces, and archive them. An admin key feature adds advanced admin control, which promises to speed up administration tasks, not least by giving admins “ the flexibility to view restricted pages temporarily so they can easily update permissions and grant access to your team members who need them”.

The Confluence Cloud Premium features list also promises “inspect permissions” and “external collaboration”, though there are no further details as they are “coming soon”.

The Confluence premium service will cost double the standard service, kicking in at $10 per user per month. Jira Software Cloud Premium costs $14 a month, also double the standard price. Both services top out at 5000 users.

Atlassian has always presented itself as an egalitarian service, with no sales people, and one size fits all pricing. However, BitBucket has had a premium option for a while, while Atlassian’s OpsGenie service has a variety of pricing points. The premium options for Confluence Cloud and Jira Software Cloud were offered as a beta earlier this year.