What’s the point: GCC 9.2, Elasticsearch, Elektra, Azure, and The DevOps Institute

What’s the point: GCC 9.2, Elasticsearch, Elektra, Azure, and The DevOps  Institute

Version 9.2 of the GNU Compiler Collection is now available. The release mostly contains fixes for regressions and serious bugs in GCC 9.1, which was released back in May. A list detailing the changes can be found on the project’s Bugzilla list.

Elektra framework gets ready for v1.0

Configuration framework Elektra has reached version 0.9, which is marked as the foundation for the project’s first major release. In preparation for the big 1.0, its developers have removed compatibility layers and prototypes from the codebase and added new error codes amongst other things.

Highlights of the release include a new global caching plugin as well as one that “integrates support for command-line options to applications”. According to the release notes, v0.9 will simply get a 1.0 label, as soon as it is stable enough. 

Azure expands virtual machine offering

Last week Azure announced the introduction of NVv4 and HBv2 virtual machines to their portfolio. The former is based on AMD EPYC 7002 and virtualised Radeon MI25 GPUs as a low-cost option for entry-level and low-intensity GPU visualisation workloads. Meanwhile HBv2 was developed with high performance computing in mind, making use of 120 AMD EPY 7002-series CPU cores, 480 GB of RAM, and 480 MB of L3 cache.

NVv4 previews are planned to become available in autumn. Customer for HBv2 VMs can already sign up for access, the offer will initially be restricted to the South Central US and West Europe Azure regions though.

DevOps Institute starts Ambassador program

The DevOps Institute, a “continuous learning community” for DevOps professionals, has announced the start of its Ambassador program. The initiative is meant to “acknowledge accomplished volunteers” who create content, participate in online discussions, or organise local community events. It also wants to help ambassadors to “realise their personal vision” – whatever that may be – e.g. by helping to establish contacts .

The initial list, which isn’t available on the institute’s website yet, includes quite a few conference organisers as well as consultants and evangelists from a variety of countries. Future ambassadors are going to be added by “application or recognition”.

Elasticsearch Service introduces cross-cluster search

Users of Elasticsearch Service on Elastic Cloud now have a deployment template for cross-cluster search available to them. In its first iteration, the new capability allows searches across data in multiple deployments within a single region. This is meant to be extended to cross-region searches in upcoming versions.

Other than that, the new release lets customers use OpenID Connect for single sign-on authentication and provides an option to enforce user authentication via the Kerberos protocol.