Serverless Inc update sees Python support slip into its Framework

Serverless Inc has updated its eponymous framework for building serverless applications and services with the ability to more easily deploy GraphQL apps on AWS, and added Python support to the Serverless Framework Dashboard to enable monitoring and alerts.

The company has been offering its namesake development framework for building serverless architectures since 2015, enabling developers to deploy cloud applications on any platform offering functions-as-a-service (FaaS).

Newly announced is support for monitoring in Python. The Serverless Framework has built-in monitoring and alerting, but until now it has only been available for the Node runtime. With Python now the second most popular runtime for building serverless architectures, the firm decided to add support for it.

Deploying a Python service with the Serverless Framework Dashboard will immediately allow metrics to be collected and displayed in the user’s dashboard, according to the firm. Developers will get access to invocations, errors, and cold starts across API Gateway and Lambda functions, without the need for any additional configuration.

Also new is the Serverless AppSync Component, created to enable developers to deploy GraphQL apps on AWS quickly and easily.

The Serverless AppSync Component does not rely on AWS CloudFormation, which is claimed to make it a lot faster to deploy. It also ships with sensible defaults that ensure it is simpler to use without having to scroll through multiple pages of AWS documentation and copy/paste code, according to Serverless Inc senior developer Eslam Hefnawy.

“We’ve done the research for you, and we’ve packaged it all in this easy-to-use component,” he says.

The Serverless AppSync Component is said to be able to deploy in less than ten seconds, supports data sources including Lambda, DynamoDB, ElasticSearch and relational databases, and allows users to create new APIs or reuse existing ones.