CNCF’s Envoy report card shows Google, Lyft are top of contributing class

CNCF’s Envoy report card shows Google, Lyft are top of contributing class

The CNCF has delivered a report card on Envoy, the open source edge and service proxy which is usually mentioned alongside the words Kubernetes or service mesh.

The report comes a year after Envoy graduated from the CNCF incubation process, and the headline scores are 1,700 contributors, who have made 10,300 code commits, 5,700 pull requests and 51,000 contributions overall.

Envoy was initially developed in 2016 at Lyft, the ridesharing giant which isn’t Uber, and this is reflected in the CNCF report. Lyft still accounts for 30.4 of the Envoy code, though Google is the biggest contributor overall, with 42.8 per cent of the code.

Overall, 185 companies have contributed to the project, up from 49 per cent when the project first came under the CNCF umbrella. Other significant contributors include Tetrate, Salesforce, Apple and VMware.The total number of contributors has shot-up from 213 to 1,739.

So it’s no surprise that geographically, over half of contributions comes the US, down from almost 80 per cent in 2016. The three next most contributingest countries are China, German, the UK and India.

The CNCF said Envoy was in its top three projects in terms of “velocity”, which it defines as commits + PRs + issues + authors. This figure has grown steadily, from a base of just over zero back in 2016 to just under 25 per month as of September 2019.

Project documentation has grown in parallel, with the cumulative number of commits standing at just under 1250 at time of writing.