Never understood GitHub Desktop? Version 2.2 wants to school you


Version 2.2 of GitHub’s Git client is out, fitted with a slew of helpers to onboard those not really familiar with the version control system or indeed GitHub Desktop.

GitHub’s latest try to get users still clinging to Mercurial and Co to switch to Linux creator Linus Torvald’s rendition of source control (and consequently to their own services) is mainly based on interactive tutorials. According to the company, most users learn their way around the tool from colleagues, friends, or videos.

The new tutorials are meant to act as an alternative learning buddy to get started, and guide those interested through fundamental steps such as creating or cloning a repository, editing files, and committing changes. It also includes explanations for understanding differences between Git, GitHub, and GitHub Desktop, which seems to be a point of confusion to some. 

Before going into the details of cloning repositories and creating branches, the tutorial will make sure an editor is installed. Once that’s taken care of, the system describes next steps and waits for the user to follow through before releasing information on how to proceed with making commits, publishing to GitHub, and open pull requests.


Similar to the “suggested next steps” feature introduced to the software in an earlier version, users will get some tips on what to do next once they successfully conclude their learning session. 

Apart from that, GitHub Desktop 2.2 should now be able to work with CodeRunner and VSCodium as external editors, and support pushing workflow files for GitHub Actions to Web flow authentication for users whose organisations use single sign-on is enforced in the new version as well. A complete list of changes can be found in the project’s release notes

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