JetBrains blows hot for MongoDB in latest IntelliJ build

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JetBrains has begun adding support for MongoDB in the latest EAP build of its IntelliJ IDEA which became available this week.

The Czech-based firm is building towards its 2019.3 release, and this week’s release is its fifth early access preview build.

IntelliJ currently supports 21 databases, including the likes of Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and IBM DB2. So MongoDB was becoming increasingly conspicuous by its absence.

The “initial support” for MongoDB allows you to view collections and fields in the database explorer, as well as open collections and observe query results. Users can also run queries, by clicking on one and hitting play.


The firm asks devs to “keep in mind that this is still a work in progress. There are some known limitations: no coding assistance for now, and no integration with MongoDB shell so only a limited number of MongoDB functions that can be executed. Rest assured though that we will extend this functionality in our future releases.”

The latest build also includes an enhancement to its Command Line Inspector, allowing the IDE to detect the JDK automatically. It said users will be able to run it on a CI server without a system wide IntelliJ IDEA configuration.

The release notes for the build list almost 140 fixes, changes and improvements in total.

This week’s announcement also highlighted a trio of changes to the JetBrains Runtime, including fixing an issue with project opening on MacOS 10.15, repairing symbols in the Evaluate Expression dialog, and updating the JetBrainsMono font to v0.19.

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