New Relic buys IOPipe, plugs it into own serverless offering

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New Relic has snapped up AWS Lambda monitoring specialist IOPipe, and will fold the company’s technology into its own serverless offering before targeting other platforms.

The deal comes a year after New Relic announced its AWS Lambda monitoring offering in private beta. Lambda monitoring subsequently became part of the New Relic One platform unveiled back in May.

The deal was sealed late last week, with the IOPipe co-founders Erica Windisch and Adam Johnson announcing “We’ve reached a key milestone for IOpipe as members of our team join New Relic to bring our expertise to deliver one of the best serverless observability offerings on the market.”

The deal allowed the IOPipe team to bring its expertise and passion to a broader set of users, Windisch continued, and “provides the opportunity to take the best existing features of IOpipe and join forces with the team currently building New Relic Serverless to provide a whole new set of features identified as a top priority by both our users and the great organizations already using New Relic.”


It’s not clear if it also brings the IOPipe team a pile of cash, as details were not disclosed. It does seem clear that not all the IOPipe team will be joining New Relic.

In New Relic’s blog announcing the deal, CTO Ken Gavranovic referred to the firm hiring “key members of the team behind IOpipe”.

He said, “The IOpipe team will initially be focused on integrating key technology, like their support of AWS Lambda Layers and popular deployment frameworks, into the New Relic One observability platform.”

Subsequently, “The team will then focus on roadmap acceleration as New Relic looks forward to supporting other FaaS and serverless technologies. They will be a powerful complement to the teams already working hard to build great solutions for New Relic customers in the serverless space.”

What is also clear is that IOPipe users will have to transition to the New Relic serverless offering. Windisch said it had built tooling to assist with the migration, and users would get a free trial of New Relic Serverless.

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