What’s the point: Istio goes 1.4.3, Atlassian and Jenkins, Cloudera gets knitting, Kong, and Python Extension for Visual Studio

What’s the point: Istio goes 1.4.3, Atlassian and Jenkins, Cloudera gets knitting, Kong, and Python Extension for Visual Studio

The Istio project has released v1.4.3, fixing a series of bugs in the open source service mesh. Eight bugs in total have been addressed, including an issue where Mixer created too many watches, overloading kube-apiserver, and an issue with injection, when a pod had multiple containers without exposed ports. The team promised a quartet of improvements too, including a reworked injection template to fully specify securityContext, and an enhanced telemetry v2 configuration to support Stackdriver and forward compatibility.

Atlassian dips Jenkins into Bitbucket Server

Atlassian has unveiled an integration plugin to hook Jenkins into its Bitbucket Server repo and version control platform. The Aussie software giant said the plugin can be used to create webhooks in Bitbucket to trigger Jenkins builds and allow Jenkins to clone/fetch from Bitbucket to run the builds. Other features include support for Jenkins Pipeline and Freestyle projects, and secure credential management in Jenkins for cloning from Bitbucket Server. Atlassian said the plugin should make life that little bit easier for developers – integrating had previously required time and multiple plugins.

Cloudera weaves together Spark, Docker and YARN

Cloudera has launched a preview of Spark on Docker on YARN on its Cloudera Data Platform Data Centre product. The aim is to make running Spark jobs on YARN much easier by removing the need to install multiple dependencies and libraries independently. The solution is in beta right now, with GA expected later this year. Details here.

Kong for Kubernetes thumps way to v0.7

The Kong project has released v0.7 of Kong for Kubernetes. The latest version brings 100 per cent coverage of Kong Gateway’s administrative API functions, meaning all its features can be used natively on Kong for K8S. Highlights of the new versions include the ability to store encrypted API access credentials in the Kubernetes data store, and support for validating secrets as they are created. There is now native support for gPRX routing, and mutual authentication using mTLS.

Microsoft slips out Python Extension update

Microsoft says it has addressed no less than 59 issues in the latest release of the Python Extension for Visual Studio Code. These include the ability to view – and change – the current kernel from within Jupyter notebooks. The release also promises performance improvements in the Jupyter Notebook editor, with startup of the Jupyter server, and creating and opening a Jupyter notebook, all being 2X faster.