Red Hat’s Quarkus Tools for VS Code promise a lot less bother, and an awful lot of hover

Red Hat has pushed a revamped version of Quarkus Tools for Visual Studio Code onto the the VS Code Marketplace, boasting of 11 enhancements, and a quartet of bug fixes.

The IBM sub unveiled Quarkus less than a year ago, describing it as a “Kubernetes Native Java framework tailored for GraalVM and HotSpot, crafted from best-of-breed Java libraries and standards”. It shipped v1.2.0 late last month.

This week Red Hat chose to highlight a few features in particular of the newly minted v1.3.0 of Quarkus Tools for Visual Studio Code, including CodeLenses that provide the URL for GET endpoints when editing a resource class while the current Quarkus application is running in development mode.

The tool kit now offers hover support for @ConfigProperty in Java Sources,while the REST Client gets MicroProfile properties support.


Kubernetes, Openshift, Docker, and S2I properties coming from the Kubernetes Quarkus extension also get completion, hover, documentation, and validation support.

Getting experimental, the vendor has built on the YAML support debuted in Quarkus 1.1.0.Final, offering completion support for application.yaml files. This requires the YAML Language Support by Red Hat extension. This being experimental there are some missing features compared to application.yaml support, including go to definition support and code action support.

Fixes include an npm vulnerability, and a bug that meant the overwrite existing project prompt did not appear on Windows. Also squashed is a bug that meant devs were asked if a Quarkus dev task should be terminated, even when it had already been terminated, and one that prevented Kubernetes properties showing up in completions.

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