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Google pitches AI developers with Gemini Pro, new tooling, and generous free quota

Gemini Pro, the multimodal AI model which powers Google Bard, has been made available to developers – both […]

WebAssembly increasingly used for plug-ins and serverless, but needs better tools

A new WebAssembly survey sponsored by software development company Scott Logic shows growing usage as a runtime for […]

StorageOS hits the big 2.0 as it targets more ‘mature’ clusters

StorageOS has shipped a release candidate of v2.0 of its Kubernetes persistent storage platform bringing a brace of […]

Eclipse’s Theia sees 1.0, declared ‘not your parents’ IDE’

The Eclipse Foundation has pinned a 1.0 designation on its Theia IDE platform, which aims to allow devs […]

Apache Isis settles onto Spring Boot

The Apache Software Foundation’s project for generating UIs for domain-driven Java applications, Isis, has clocked up another milestone […]

Swift 5.2 takes flight

After a good half year of work, Swift is now available in version 5.2, bringing key path expressions […]

Oh dear! Oh dear! LLVM 10.0 finally makes it

The team behind compiler infrastructure project LLVM has made version 10.0 available – a good month later than […]

GitLab gets secure, works on visbility in 12.9 release

GitLab promised enhanced security and better visibility with v12.9 of its Dev-X-Ops platform which shipped yesterday. The latest […]

Microsoft sub GitHub cites US sanctions as it pulls repo access for…Microsoft US employee’s JavaScript project

GitHub was forced into a brisk about face yesterday, after pulling access to the repos of JavaScript framework […]

Whoah Oh, woh, woh woh, Woah Oh…Facebook sets you right on time… 

Facebook has launched its own time keeping service to help keep devices in sync over the internet – […]